Sunday, June 17, 2012

On summer in the San Joaquin valley, two year olds, and moving

It  is summer time here in the valley, which means it is as hot as the interior of a hot pocket outside, in the car, in the can't escape it. When it is in the triple digits like it has been this lovely Father's Day weekend, hotter than usual for this early on in the summer, it means that my kids are stuck inside with me. It feels as if I may as well live in New England in the winter, except maybe worse because it's not even magically white outside and there is no beautiful aftermath to this horrifying weather that might make it mentally bearable. So, extreme heat, AC running constantly, 5 kids under ten in the house with nowhere to go; I don't think I need to spell it out, but just in case it's spelled like this: L-O-O-N-Y-T-U-N-E-S.

Along with the being stuck inside we are SO blessed this summer to have a vocally gifted 2.5 year old little boy who is trying to no longer take naps and needs the daily exertion that only running around outside can give his little body. John-Paul is already the most athletic of my children, at such an early age, and the most gifted speaker. He can ask you, clear as day, to take him to the tractor store and please buy him a backhoe loader and excavator. I know this because he has been talking about it incessantly for days; partly due to his infatuation with large trucks and tractors right now, and partly due to being so bored at home that he has nothing to do but ask for things and whine about them when his requests are refused. Poor kid, all he really needs is some quality time with some dirt, water, and dump trucks. And he still needs regular naps, just as much as I NEED him to keep taking those naps. He wakes up refreshed, I have time for coffee and cleaning, everyone gets to live without the whining for a short while, win/win/win. I am only writing this right now because I put him in his crib and had to tell him, nap or not, he must stay in there and be quiet for a while.

In other news, we may suddenly be moving very soon. The Man works for the State of California, which has not been so great since the economy bust a few years back, and it has hit state employees particularly hard. While state/govt employees typically are very under-appreciated and people the public taxpayers love to hate, state workers are equally loathed by elected officials. They fall into this grey area of people who perfom necessary functions for the state to operate on a daily basis and keep society moving along, but also are seen as people who are sucking the coffers dry (if you are a taxpayer), or as people who are taking money away from pet social programs that get you re-elected (if you are an elected official.) Curse those state workers, doing jobs for little pay, with ok pensions, taking money away from schools, orphans, elderly, disabled, and single mothers! The reality for us right now, due to the state trying to cover it's ass and still give as much away for free to non working peoples, is that there is going to be some job losses in the department in which Erik works, which involves public safety. This time, it's for reals. We can probably stay where we are and he would likely get to retain a part-time position, which would still allow him to work 40 hours a week without the possibility of overtime, but it could have him only working 20 hours as well. It is an unknown. Our other option is to volunteer to bid for a full-time spot at another facility within the state. The only location available with fulltime positions are in remote locations, some in nice locales, some in awful locales. We put in his bid a few days ago and opted for a full time spot in a remote but beautiful locale that is a mere 11-12 hour drive from where we currently reside. The directory above, a picture taken this afternoon by my mother-in-law who is passing through the area today, may tip you off to how small the town is. Also, note the overcast sky and green grass; I can practically feel the mist from the fog on my face, the breeze from the ocean, and sound of the sea gulls nearby are already calling out in my mind. Considering the aforementioned weather where I am right now, I can't wait to get the heck out here, there's just that silly little matter of leaving family and friends behind and starting all over again, but hey, no biggie.

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  1. Your John-Paul sounds like my The Jude. And my John-Luke. I feel your pain about naps/keeping him inside/driving you crazy. Boys, in general, do not make good house pets.

    Hope you get good news about the job offer soon!