Thursday, August 30, 2012

Embrace the Camera Thursday

This is it for today. 

Me and my little guy, John-Paul, morning time fun in our pjs.


There ya go. Next week my goal for Embrace the Camera is to take actual not last minute pics during the week with not the person standing nearest to me when I want to write this post. Also, not blurry. Also also, not with the bluetooth in my ear.

Now it is time to Embrace the Crazy and get my house cleaned up for my little sister AND her boyfriend to come stay with us for the weekend. They are going to be our first guests EVER, since we have ever been married in 10.5 years (excepting when my mom stayed for the birth of #2). No one has ever had to stay at our home before since we have always lived near my parents who have plenty of extra room. But not anymore. Now we have an extra room and are near no one. WE are a destination!

I am so not ready. My extra room is full of bookshelves, I have no extra bed, I still have unpacked boxes. I also have the regular cleaning that goes along with having five childrens. BUT, it's ok. She is my sister and she understands. Plus, there is plenty of time still! They are coming in four, three, two....TOMORROW.

Wait, what?


  1. Yay for PJ's!! Have a great weekend with your guests :)

  2. I love you so much. I am so excited and wont mind in the least what your house looks like. I love how you have a blue tooth all the time. It's part of your un-posed daily life. Cya in < 24 hours!!