Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Monday

On the agenda for today: unpacking the rest of the boxes for items that belong in the house. The reason for that might be because we are sick of looking at boxes around every corner, because it can't possibly be due to our first out-of-town visitor who is coming this weekend. Heavens no! I don't clean for people, I only clean for the benefit of my family who lives with me. That's right. So my sister best not be expecting any special treatment like clean bathrooms, clear hallways, or non-sticky sofas.

Another reason I might be motivated to empty out some more boxes:


Yup. My cup is still missing. I can't figure out what happened to the dang thing. I am afraid that it will be forever be a mystery if it doesn't turn up soon. It's only my favorite cup ever, after the other really awesome one I had a few years ago that was broken by a child (shocking, I know). Starbucks doesn't make uber cute cups like this any more, what will I do if I can't find it!? Drink out of a regular mug? Like normal people?

Also happening today, The Man has decided it is time to refinish our dining table. 

Things we like about our dining table: It is HUGE and sturdy. That's pretty much the only thing we like about it. It was purchased second-hand out of desperation, and has served our needs well, but it requires a table cloth to cover up the ugliness.

 A good sanding and a new finish and it can look totally awesome for a while longer. Or at least not hideous, either way, it's a win. We'll see how this goes since the amount of experience we each have doing any kind of similar project is exactly none. I just want it to be done, one way or the other, so we can finally bring the table inside. The large plastic craft type table we have been using in the interim is losing it's appeal, and coupled with all the mismatched chairs we have, at least a large sturdy table would make everything more bearable.

I promise pictures one way or the other. You can see the current finish of our table in the pic of the coffee cup up there, so we'll see how close to a match we get with a new finish, since we are only doing the table top. It might be really awesome, or go horribly wrong.

Now, I must go unpack more boxes of toys. Not because my sister is coming to visit, but only because I want to. I love unpacking and cleaning and organizing. LOVE IT. Don't tell me I don't, because I do.

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  1. I also dislike our dining room table. It was purchased at IKEA because it was in our budget and would seat 11. Other than that, it's got nothing going for it.
    Oh! It's sturdy. I forgot that part. Good thing, otherwise it would have been reduced to dust by now.