Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thinking of You, and Thank You

I've been wanting to write this for a couple of weeks now, and have no excuse to not have made it the first post I should have put up here as soon as we had internet in our new home, but ya know, that would be all organized and thoughtful, which are not my best character traits. So while I sit here all alone tonight, thinking about the friends I left behind in Bakersfield, I remember that I never really got to say a proper good-bye and thank you to most of them.

 While we were in the midst of moving so many wonderful friends came through with offers of help in a variety of ways and that really touches my heart. It's in times of your life when things get tough that you really get the opportunity to see how many wonderful people are in your life, and it's also during those difficult times when you don't get to say thank you and spend time with those people like you really want to.

This is for my friends who offered help, gave us boxes, dropped off clothes for cooler weather (thank you esp for this!), and who took the time out of their lives and day, despite all of the difficulties of daily life with kids, to bring my family a meal. Thank You. Everything you did was SO helpful and we are really grateful. I clearly have some awesome friends, and some of you only came into my life recently and the fact that you still took the time to help us out speaks volumes. Some of you I have known for a few years now, and still was just really getting to know you, and now that I am starting over you are sorely missed.

It's so cliche, but you really don't know what you have until it's gone. For all the coffee outings, book groups, MNO's, holiday parties, and park days that I am no longer there for, I cherish the ones I had with you.

Thank you. Keep being awesome!


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